Creating a Sig - Basic Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will follow a few simple steps to show how easy and quickly you can create a basic signature image.

Step 1 - Login

You will need to register and respond to the activation email to activate your account. You will then login on the main page with your username and password:

Step 2 - Click 'Create New Sig' button

You will now be presented with a list of all your sig files. You don't currently have any yet, so the only thing you can do is click the big Create New Sig image:

Step 3 - Click 'Edit Images' link

What you see here is a preview of your new sig. Since we haven't added anything to it yet, we only see a black box. Click the Edit Image link to add some cool pics!

Step 4 - Modify your background

This is the edit images and background page. Here you can change the overall size of your signature, change the background color, edit and add images. We're going to choose to add the Darkshire background. Select darkshire1.png from the drop down. Once you have selected it, it should load and display as a floating image on the 'canvas'. Use your mouse to click and position the image so that it is inside our drawing area.
You can also resize the image you are working with by either Shift and mouse clicking the image in Firefox, or if you are using IE, you currently have to use the text entry area to size the image.
There are also options to stretch the image to the full size of the canvas, or you can tile the image on the canvas. These two options will only display their result after you save.
Once you have positioned the image and are happy with the location, click the Apply and Save button.

Step 5 - Click 'Edit Text' link

After applying your image, you are not brought back to the preview area where you can see how your sig is currently looking. We now just have a background image for our sig. So now let's add some text! Click the Edit Text link to add some text.

Step 6 - Add some text

Here is our text edit section. You can add lines of text to your sig. We are only going to add 1 line for now. Click on the Text edit box and type in 'Rollie - Troll - Rogue'. And then hit the Add Text button. After a very short wait, you should see Rollie - Troll - Rogue appear on the image. This is floating text and you can click and drag it with your mouse to position it where you like. You can also change the text or any of the other options. You can change the angle at which the text appears, the foreground and background colors of the text as well as the size of the text. You can also tie this line of text to character data on but we won't cover using that in this tutorial.
After you are happy with your text, click the Apply Text and Save button.

Step 7 - Almost done!

And with that, you have created your first signature file! Wasn't that easy! We're not quite done yet, only 1 last step to do. Just click the Done link to return to our sig list.

Step 8 - Ta-da!

We've done it! Our sig is now ready for use! You can now use the link provided to display your link around the web!

Here is the image we created:

Now, there are a few ways you can use the image. You could save the image do your own computer by right clicking and select 'Save Image As' in Firefox or 'Save As' in IE. Or you could directly link the image using HTML by using this kind of code:

<img src=''>

Many forums and message boards do not allow using HTML in your signature file. But they do provide special codes to allow you to insert images. These are sometimes called BBCodes and the most common of which for images is like this:

It's easy! Post on the forums if you have any questions or difficulties!

More Still

Here is only a brief and very basic tutorial on how to create a sig. Don't forget, you could add additional images and text. Perhaps you have your very own image you would like to use in your signature. In that case you would need to upgrade to Premium Membership and then you would have the option of uploading your own custom image files to use! I hope you enjoy using and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, we would love to hear them! Just post on the forums and we'll be sure to answer as soon as possible!