Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a website created to allow users to create their own custom signatures for use on forums, message boards, or other areas where users would like to have a picture or avatar to exude their personality.

What kinds of features does provide? provides stock images and fonts and a simple online image editor to allow users to create their signatures. Users may then link their signatures directly from the servers! also has a partnership with to allow for dynamically updating character signature files based on data collected there using the Census+ UI mod.

Why do you have a premium membership and why are some features limited to premium?

Running a website can be a costly endeavor. In an effort to still provide many free services, certain features are restricted to premium only. Not only that, but premium membership is very cheap and affordable. This allows the website to remain hosted on quality servers, as well as encourage future feature enhancements and developments.

How much is a premium membership and what do I get for it?

Please view the Upgrade page for more info on premium membership!

Can I only use the hosting services provided to display signature files?

At this time, there is really no restriction on when, where or how you use the image hosting features as long as you follow the Terms of Service.

How do you create a signature file?

Please view the Basic Tutorial to see how easy it is to create a signature file!

I still need help! What else can I do?

Please visit the forums and ask your question there!